Your real estate website made to measure.

Your real estate website made to measure.

ImmoAWS Solutions.

A real estate website is an essential tool in your communication strategy. Designed to provide real added value for real estate professionals, your new website will be a partner in promoting your property portfolio and increasing your chances of acquiring new mandates.


ImmoAWS - Real estate website development

Original, personalised designs for the real estate sector.

Stand out from the competition and opt for a site with an original, visually appealing design that will reinforce your position as a quality real estate agent in the eyes of your visitors and potential customers. The real estate websites we create are unique and tailor-made. Take advantage of our 30 years of know-how to design a website that is tailored to your needs and that will enable you to showcase your properties on the market.


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Simplified properties management that saves you time.

Managing a website can be time-consuming. That's why we tailor our development to your needs. Our administration interface is easy to understand and focuses on the essentials. Site management is optimised, so you can focus on your core business. Our property management tool is comprehensive, easy to access and efficient. With this tool, you can manage all types of mandate (sales, rentals, life annuities) and all types of property (house, flat, land, etc.). You have everything you need to manage your site in the simplest, most intuitive way possible.


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Simplified properties management that saves you time.

Tailor-made features for specific needs.

Automatic generation of energy diagnostics

Energy audits are now compulsory! So that this change doesn't have to be a chore, our tool allows you to generate them automatically, simply by inserting the values in the dedicated fields.

Automatic creation of properties sheet for shop window

We can add the automatic creation of your showcase files as a feature. You'll have a solution that's easy to use, and in perfect harmony with the design of your site, for showcasing your properties.

Dedicated gateways

Do you have a dedicated asset management tool? Don't worry, we can create a dedicated gateway so that you don't have to enter your assets twice! We can create any type of gateway, whether for import or export, provided that the remote platform itself has an import/export facility.

Automatic resizing of images and thumbnails

To ensure that adding photos of your properties is a simple formality, our tool automatically resizes the photos for optimised display on the site, in terms of size to ensure that the design is always impeccable, but also in terms of weight to ensure that the pages on your site open in the blink of an eye.

Automatic generation of QR codes

To make your forms interactive, we can add the option of automatically generating a QR code to be applied wherever you like: shop window form, sales form, press announcement, etc. This tool is the perfect companion for a mobile version of your site.

Carnet d’adresses

Directly linked to property management, you can keep track of all the people involved in the mandate - owners, of course, and buyers if necessary, but also notaries, lawyers and business reporters. This address book can also be accessed independently of the properties, giving you total control over the information.

Need more?

We develop tailor-made solutions to complement our turnkey solutions. Don't hesitate to tell us what you need.


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Optimisation SEO

Real estate properties SEO optimisation

Each property has a unique page and URL, so it can be shared easily on the platform of your choice. This feature is also ideal for search engine optimisation. The property pages, built automatically from your information, are optimised to make it easier to index the key elements of a property.


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Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Managing director, digital manager
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