Creating a meaningful visual identity.

We're multi-disciplinary and passionate about digital, helping companies to create value and grow their business through digital.
Our aim: to create value for your brand and its users by taking their needs into account.
Our team brings together all the skills needed to put in place an intelligent, coordinated and effective digital system to create ergonomic and efficient websites tailored to their target audience.

Le Jardin d'Atala
Paris Eye Imaging
MMC Distribution
  • Logotype
  • Visual identity
  • Graphic identity
  • Packaging
  • Consulting
  • Graphic design
  • Illustrations
  • Iconography
  • Photo/Video reportage
  • 2D animation
  • Advertising
  • Press advertising
  • Signage
  • Events
  • Large format
  • And many more!

An efficient method.

Designing or improving a complete graphic universe that represents your visual identity requires real work upstream of the creation. You need to know what messages to convey and how to do it as clearly and effectively as possible. To do this, we draw up a creative brief setting out the messages to be conveyed, the objectives to be achieved and the constraints to be taken into account. We analyse the graphic codes used on the market to draw inspiration from them while setting you apart from your competitors.

The key stages in designing a logo.


Customer brief.

The customer brief is a crucial stage in the process of creating a visual identity. We'll ask you questions about your offer, your target audience, your values, your objectives, etc., so that we can come up with coherent and effective proposals.


Analysis and reflection.

Our team meets and works on an in-depth analysis of your brand's image, positioning, target market and current market trends.


Creative investigations.

The previous investigations will enable our graphic designers to translate all these ideas into images and give free rein to their imagination and technical knowledge.


Creation and proposals.

Once the research work has been carried out, we will use this as a basis for designing original, modern and effective logos along at least 3 distinct creative lines. The number of logos proposed may vary depending on the field (between 3 and 6 versions).


Final touches.

Now it's up to you. Once you've made your choice, all that's left for us to do is to finalise your logo according to your impressions. Our specialists will guide you until you have the perfect logo for every possible communication medium!


Ideogram Design will work with you to create a logo that reflects your company's image, and adapt it according to the rules of communication for perfect adaptation to all communication media.


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Graphic identityGraphic identity

Our team takes care to bring together all the components of your visual identity in a single document to ensure visual consistency and relevance across all your communication media.


Our designers will create the ideal icons for your brand. Whether for interface design, print media or signage, our icons will add power to your brand image.

Visual creationVisual creation

Photography work requires a pronounced artistic talent. Whether it's montage, packaging, motion design or photography, our graphic designers are masters at adapting your identity to every possible format!


Our graphic designers can create illustrations for all media (digital or printed). Concepts, diagrams, flowcharts, drawings, sketches, etc. will enhance your content to make it clearer and more explicit.


Captivate your audience with video animation! Whether your aim is to sell, inform, make people understand or raise awareness, we'll work with you to identify the ideal style of video and design it with care.

Our projects

Benjamin Kergueno
Graphic identity
Crossbeam Systems
Stand and roll-up
Video Consult
Différents supports de communication
Jonathan SOUTY
Jonathan SOUTY
Design manager, print and web
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