Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

At a time when websites are multiplying and search engines are now a must to find relevant information, the referencing of a website has become a factor of its success. Real challenge, the optimization of a site for search engines is done at several levels.



1/ About CaMykS, our CMS

When we designed and developed CaMykS, our CMS, natural search engine optimisation was one of the key points! Everything has been done to make it easier to optimise sites for search engines.

To this end, the management and construction of the site's pages are designed to simplify their exploration and indexing by search engines.

Each element displayed on the site has its own URL address. So each page, news item, product or any other type of object will be referenced independently by the search engines and therefore directly accessible by visitors.

Over time, the rules of referencing have changed. So, ever since it was created, we've never hesitated to adapt CaMykS as necessary to keep up with the various developments and maintain its strong natural referencing predisposition. And as all the sites we host and maintain use a single instance of CaMykS, they all benefit from the successive evolutions of the CMS.


2/ About website structure

During the development of your site, we continue the work begun with the CMS, in order to facilitate the indexing of your pages by building them with an optimised HTML structure.

The modules that display the content of your site are developed to maintain a simple HTML page structure that is optimised for search engines. What's more, we automatically highlight the titles and other relevant elements of your pages, so that they stand out in search engines.

Once the site is ready to go live, we run it through a number of tools to check that it meets our quality requirements, and therefore those of the search engines.


3/ About website content

Once SEO has been optimised beforehand, the most important thing remains: your content.

We work with you to review your content and define the main and secondary keywords that should be highlighted.

When we insert your content, we optimise it according to the terms defined above. And if you choose to fill in the content for your website yourself, we'll explain how to highlight your keywords during the website administration training.

As soon as the site is online, we indicate the presence of your website to the search engines and make sure that they find your site.

Once the site is accessible to the public, we offer SEO monitoring as an option. This is a totally flexible service, to suit all budgets. You choose the duration of the service and the frequency with which we carry out the checks. We'll check that your keywords are showing up well in the search engines. If the results are not good enough, we rework the structure and content as necessary to achieve the objectives we have set together.

The Internet is not just Google! Even if it remains the most widely used search engine in the world, others are beginning to be used. That's why we don't just check Google. We also review the search terms used by other search engines: at the very least, Microsoft's Bing, Duckduckgo, the American independent and Qwant, the new kid on the block made in France. Of course, we can add to this list according to your needs.

Website statistics

Optimisation SEO

Example of SEO for P2C-Racing

Recreational motor sport is an extremely competitive field on the Internet. All you have to do is type in 'driving course' to see the countless results, as well as the 'paying' adverts, to quickly realise this. When the site went online, it was around the 4th page for the targeted search "driving course rallye terre". After working together on its keywords, then its content, we made the necessary changes to its website to see its ranking rise week after week.

It is now on the first page, in 4th position, a score in line with the objectives set.


Example of SEO optimisation for Agence Gastaldy

Real estate is perhaps the most competitive field on the internet, and positioning your agency correctly on Google is a real challenge, and one that we have taken up for Agence Gastaldy.

In 2012, when we were asked to redesign Agence Gastaldy's website, it was very far down the rankings, well after the fifteenth page, whatever the search. When we put the new site online, despite its youth, the search "agence immobilière cap d'ail" brought it up to around the fourth page. In the months following the launch, we continued to work on the content and structure of the site and ended up on the first page and in 3rd position.

Today, 5 years later, the site has slipped down a few places, but is still positioned on the first page.

Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Managing director, digital manager
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