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CaMykS a CMS developed by our engineers, is now at the heart of every website that we do. It is a reliable base, which we enrich with plugins adapted to each new creation. We call it internally, our "4-by-4 CMS", as it allows us to adapt to each situation that we face, whether it’d be for a showcase website, a specialized website, an extranet or again an intranet.

Since the beginning of its development, and based upon our experience of the internet, we have focused our work on the prime functionalities that we consider essential for a website:

Collaborative administration

Administration CollaborativeWhen we create a website using our CMS, we allow you to have as many administrators as necessary. So you can delegate the integration of content to multiple people to accelerate the updates of the site. In addition, for each person, we can assign access rights for each module of the site, and if necessary, we can add specific rights to each of the modules to control access rights to a particular feature.


Ergonomics is an important element of websites we develop, and we do not limit ourselves to the visible part of the site. Ever since we started developing websites, we seek to ensure that administrators are as effective as possible, and ultimately spend the least time to update our websites. By making website administration an easier task, we turn updates from a constraint into a quick and beneficial process for the business.

Flexibility and scalability

Our content management system is based on the administration of plugins. We can, at any time, extend the functionality of the site, simply by activating a plugin. It is no longer necessary to stop the site to perform functional updates, and it is all transparent to the visitor.

Extensibilité du CMS, via des pluginsWe have several types of plugins:

  • Module: Accessible only by administrators, these plugins allow to update the site, manage data and conduct security surveillance.
  • Display Module: These plugins are inserted inside the pages to display the data managed in the administrative section of the site.
  • Template: A structured page, you simply insert the desired modules to build the page. It is possible to have multiple active templates on the same site, one can build pages with different structures using the same tool.
  • Theme: Design page, it includes most of the graphical elements of your site. By regrouping the website design in a dedicated plugin, it is possible to quickly change the overall "look and feel" of your site in minute, when you need to apply  a new graphic chart for example. It is also possible to create a theme dedicated solely to certain pages of your site without any complex and costly development.

Your site can therefore evolve over time. You can change its “look” overnight, add new features, or adapt the pages differently without having to touch the valuable content of your pages, your databases, etc ...

Two examples of sites that have evolved over time:

  • Median Technologies: New design following the adoption of a new graphic chart. The new interface has been accompanied by new modules to handle new types of data, and of course to display them..
  • iQsim: Recasting the design to follow the new design concepts of the company.


Système multilingueInternationalisation is a need for many companies, and we are aware of it. By offering multilingual sites well before the Year 2000, we enabled our customers to open their content to a much wider target. With the arrival of CaMykS, we have simplified the management of multi-languages ​​, so our customers choose the language they want on the site and can, via the administration interface, manage content in several active languages.

Open Source

Our added value is not in the heart of the CMS but in our ability to offer our customers original designs, efficient ergonomics and plugins with forever more innovative features. In addition, we believe that sharing technology is and will remain beneficial for all, in order to evolve the Internet towards greater simplicity and maturity. CaMykS is therefore available for download on its dedicated website.

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