CaMykS, our all situation CMS

CaMykS, our all situation CMS


Our CMS is based on a plugin management system that allows for easy expansion of functionalities, making it flexible and scalable. It natively supports multilingual capabilities, includes a statistics tool, and allows for multi-administration. We build our websites using this CMS specifically designed by our engineers. Whether it's a website, intranet, or extranet, the developments around our CMS adapt to all types of sites and thus cater to all our clients' needs.


Websites creation

Creation of all customized websites.

CaMykS is designed to be as flexible and ergonomic as possible in the two major stages of a website's life, its design and administration.

Creating websites using our CaMykS tool is a two-step process.

First, you'll utilize the functionalities provided by the default plugins available with CaMykS. You'll have the ability to customize the visual output for each of these plugins, ensuring they adapt seamlessly to the design defined for your website. The second step involves adding additional functionalities through the construction of new plugins. To do this, you'll need to follow a few simple rules upon which you can unleash your own creativity and envision your desired features. A range of tools is available to facilitate your work during the creation of these objects. Let yourself be carried away by their power and your imagination. The possibilities are limitless.



Administration is done through a user-friendly web interface, suitable for everyone. Based on a collaborative model, the webmaster can delegate editing rights to other administrators so that you can assign content insertion to multiple people, speeding up website updates.


The CMS CaMykS has several advantages that make it a particularly powerful and high-performing tool. It is multi-site, multilingual, collaborative, based on plugins, and therefore, infinitely scalable. CaMykS can leverage the latest technologies such as HTML content editing, RSS feed management, the use of AJAX, and many more.


The CaMykS project is distributed as open-source under the GPL license. The term "open source" is a designation applied to various software that has an open source code. Therefore, you are free to use and modify the CaMykS source code as you wish, as long as your sources are also made available under this license..


Among the many benefits of CaMykS, our CMS, one stands out: its responsiveness. It has been optimized to perform at its best. During the creation of our websites, we continue this optimization work on the plugins developed for our clients to ensure smooth and enjoyable navigation for visitors. In the event of high traffic spikes, our servers handle the load more easily and maintain good performance for longer periods. The optimization of our websites contributes to making the web more environmentally friendly; pages require fewer resources to be processed, allowing us to limit the number of servers we use as well as their power.

The power of

Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Jean-Baptiste LEBRUN
Managing director, digital manager
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