The end of the year is approaching, so don't forget your 2021 calendars.

The end of the year is approaching, so don't forget your 2021 calendars.

2020 is almost upon us! But before that, we have to prepare for 2021. As every year, we offer you the possibility to make your own calendars.

The calendars can be declined according to several models.


Flat calendars

The flat presentation is the simplest. It allows you to adapt the size and support to your needs. Distribution is also easier, as the calendar slips easily into an envelope.

An idea for the end of the year? Combine greeting card and calendar. Once the greetings have been read, your customers keep your image on their desk, using the calendar.


Easel calendars

The easel calendar puts your image on the desk of your employees or customers. Solid, it allows you to insert notes and appointments. It can also be a commercial vector, because in addition to the monthly sheets, it is also possible to add some with your products and services.

Easel calendars for Fortinet and Amadeus

Star calendars

More original and luxurious, the star calendar is a great gift to give to your customers. Its unique assembly will amaze many! There is no prettier way to display your image on a desk.


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