Our solutions for restaurants in this continuous period of COVID

Our solutions for restaurants in this continuous period of COVID

In this period of COVID that never ends, Ideogram Design offers innovative solutions for restaurants, snack bars, bars or any other catering business.


Click'n collect websites

Our click'n'collect sites allow you to maintain your business and retain the fideliy of your customers, while limiting the number of people in the room or in the queue in front of your snack bar.

Take control of your site, directly from your Ultimasoft point of sale. No double data insertion or forgotten orders, the management of your products is done from your POS. Add your products, deactivate those that are out of stock, the site is updated automatically. When an order is placed on the site, it appears directly (less than 3 minutes) and simply appears on your POS.

Site click'n'collect

Your click'n'collect website is entirely personalised according to your image, using your logo and colours. Many options are available to adapt it to your needs.

The realisation time is one week, as soon as we have all the information. From the design to the connection to your checkout via the Internet, we take care of everything, or accompany you when necessary.



Live Menu - Menu dematerialisation

In partnership with MdB Multimedia, we have created Live Menu, a solution to dematerialise your menus.

In order to avoid the handling of your menus by multiple hands, and therefore limit the propagation of the virus, we offer you via this service to allow your customers to access your menu from their own mobile phone.

Live Menu

Add a touch of modernity to your establishment while helping the fight against the virus.

Live Menu was freely available until September. As the virus is still present, we have renewed the free offer for October.

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