Les témoignages d'Anna et Marie

Les témoignages d'Anna et Marie

Carte de Visite AnnaWorking with Ideogram design on business cards has been a delight.
The perfect card was obtained thanks to their great reactivity, amount of patience, and keen advices in both design and communication.
They told us to aim for that perfect card and nailed it !
The result is amazing, very personnal and shipping was very fast.
These cards were highly appreciated by my professional parteners.
A big thank to the team !




Carte de visite MarieFaced with a very short deadline, I contacted Ideogram Design in order to obtain a business card before leaving for an internal congress.
Their reactivity has been examplary et allowed a shipping perfectly in time, without any compromise regarding the final quality.
I asked for a very specific result, presenting technical difficulties.
The team was able to quickly find solutions and presented me with a card even better than I hoped.  
Several months later, it's still a card I'm very proud to offer.
Thanks again to the whole team, that I highly recommand.



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