CaMykS continue son évolution
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CaMykS continue son évolution

At the time of the omni-presence of ADSL and the democratization of the fiber, but also the excessive power of the servers, CMS generally take advantage to spread out, always offering more features not always useful .

For our part, we have chosen to continue to optimize our tool. Mainly because we want the mobile user experience to be as good as it is on a computer, despite a weak connection. Secondly, it's also because a site that consumes fewer resources is a server that can accommodate more visitors but also consumes less electricity, and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

Internet security has become a real concern for all online administrators and developers. It has always been for us, but with all the problems that we can see in the "technical" news, we have decided to move to a higher stage. So improving security is now a permanent topic of work, and the CMS is a little safer every day, all with the help of a security administrator.

Evolution also involves the redesign, as time goes by, of some "old" plugins. Available since the creation of the CMS, they finally have the right to the attention, but especially to the blow of young, which they deserve.


CaMykS - CMS tout terrain
Finally, we could not finish this article without telling you about the new features.

Among the new plugins added, three allow simplified management of online payments via Paybox, Monetico and Paypal systems. Another one allows a generalized surveillance of all the sites of a server, for a reactivity even improved in case of worries. The entire database management part has been extensively revised to accommodate a new driver that can manage SQLite3 databases. Lighter than MySQL, and not necessarily slower (for the amount of data generated by the sites managed by CaMykS), this driver, still in development, is very promising to integrate the CMS in docker, or on micro-servers type Raspberry Pi or USB key format.

Despite all these changes, CaMykS remains compatible with all sites created since its inception and each site of our customers take advantage of these optimizations, and where possible, new features.

Always Open Source, the project has not yet reached a new milestone. In addition to being present on its website, the sources are also available on GitHub since mid-October, including all the changes, and almost daily, in a dedicated branch named "dev".

CaMykS is more than ever a tool of choice for the realization of our web creations.

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