Amadeus's multi-media partner for its Partners Connect.
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Amadeus's multi-media partner for its Partners Connect.

Last October, Amadeus organized a new event, Partners Connect.
Ideogram Design was in charge of the visual, the website and the e-mailings.

Amadeus wanted to keep an audiovisual archive of this event a little different from those usually organized.

This is why Ideogram Design has also been responsible for filming interviews with Amadeus' VPs and the managers of the invited companies.

Armed with our video equipment (DSLRs, microphones, lights, ...), we went to the premises of Amadeus. Two rooms were made available for simultaneous recording of several interviews.

Following these shots, we took care of the final assemblies (dusting, cuts, titrations ...) and exports for distribution via multiple media.

Here is one of the interviews, broadcast the day after the shoot, always during the event, available on Youtube.


En tournage chez Amadeus

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