France’s leader in its field, Arkema is one of the most “influent” chemical manufacturer in the world. The company Arkema has a strong industrial culture, an international presence with a great capacity for innovation.

Anniversary book

For the 50th anniversary of Arkema’s factory in Marseille, Ideogram Design created a booklet to pay tribute to the people who actively contributed to the prosperity of the factory.

Shooting, interviews, design, layout, production, delivery and a beautiful object given to the factory’s employees.

The 56 pages booklet is printed on 250g matte in quadrichromy with a double-sided printout, format: 230x250 mm.

The pages are linked by 2 screws. The first page is printed in colour on tracing paper, with a transparency featuring the factory when it all started!

Furthermore the cover is made of a cardboard sleeve mat laminate.

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