Ville de Valbonne Sophia Antipolis

Commune of the Alpes-Maritimes (France) which includes the typical village of Valbonne and the technopole of Sophia-Antipolis.

Visual identity

The original logo and the graphic identity placed on the armoury of the town were created in 1993 by our agency , the logo had to show the reality of the commune and its diversity.

The update and creation of a new graphic chart in 2010, kept the original qualities of the initial version, for the effectiveness it had showed over time.

The study included:

  • The logo and its different graphic representations,
  • A small graphic chart completing the existing one,
  • Stationery and administrative documents,
  • Urban and road signage,
  • Informational display boards (events, municipal information…),
  • The logo can be seen on all the town cars.
Other creations
Updated logotype / 2010
Graphic Identity
Graphic identity (1993)
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