The benefits of optimizing our websites
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The benefits of optimizing our websites

Unlike the current mode that goes to the overconsumption of resources, with rapid developments, inexpensive, but under-optimized (based on non dedicated plugins), we made the choice to optimize our websites. Visitors to our customers' sites enjoy a pleasant experience without the frustration of long loads.

This philosophy, in place from our first websites, has only lasted with the development of CaMykS, our open source tool for developing and managing websites.

Today, in the jungle of available tools, CaMykS is performing well with a rock-solid response while maintaining unparalleled flexibility. Our mastery of the tool goes hand in hand with the mastery of the plugins that we develop, always optimized for the needs of our customers. No frills, no useless features, our customers also have an administration perfectly adapted to their needs.

In our tests of other CMS best known, we had found results that had made us cold in the back. The generation of pages that could skip the second, while the creation of the home page takes less than a tenth of a second. The proof with one of our tools which allows us to test the sites, before putting on line to be sure that they comply with our expectations in terms of speed.

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These optimizations are not at the expense of security, quite the opposite. Knowing all the source code of our web projects, we know all the points of entry, in order to protect the websites before their uploads on our servers.

As an extension, we always offer hosting of our websites on our optimized servers. Our servers are also optimized for the tasks for which they are dedicated. By mastering the developments and hosting, we are sure, unlike a classic shared hosting, that our sites are all running at full speed.

Finally, these optimizations at all levels allow us to adopt an eco-citizen approach! Our sites are optimized, they consume fewer resources. This allows us to have more per server, and therefore, in the end, need less machine.

We like our websites to be in our image, responsive and effective.

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