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We strive to produce effective and ergonomic websites tailored to the target to which they are intended. Each website is subject to an original design, specific development features and special optimization that meet not only the needs of each of our customers but also the objectives we give ourselves : creativity, interactivity and visibility.

Innovative Designs

Away from predefined templates, we strive to provide original designs for our websites which correspond to our customers both in terms of their graphic chart and their feeling. It is important for us that our customers feel good when we hand them over their sites.

CaMykS, our CMS that does it all

We produce our sites from an Open Source content management system (CMS) designed by our own engineers.

Our CMS is based on plugins that are simply added to extend the functionalities of the website, which makes it flexible and scalable. It supports multiple languages from the get-go, includes a statistical tool and allows several administrators.

Website, intranet, extranet, developments around our CMS will suit all types of websites and therefore the varying needs of our customers.

> Read more about CaMykS

In parallel with our CMS, we develop several lines of plugins to provide our customers with reliable and efficient solutions at a moderate cost.


Gamme de plugins dédiée aux sites internet immobiliers

ImmoAWS :
Range of plugins dedicated to real estate websites

Manage, import and display your agency’s properties.
Visit our demonstration website


Gamme de plugins dédiée aux sites internet événementiels

EventMWS :
Range of plugins dedicated to event websites

With a reduced life span, websites dedicated to events must be simple yet effective.
Visit the dedicated website


 Solution e-commerce

eShopCCC :
A technological solution for setting up Clic & Collecter for snacks, catering and retail.

Find more on the dedicated page
Visit our first demo website
Visit our second demo website


 Solution avancée pour compagnie aérienne

FlyACS :
Advanced solution for airline companies that wish to play in the big league.
Find more on the dedicated page


Specific developments

When we develop our clients’ websites, we always take pride in delivering an original product that will stand out from all the other sites that can be found on the internet. We are always seeking to innovate by developing original plugins, whether in the management of your data or in their display.

Remote Management

With our CMS, you’re in charge! Take control of your site, create, edit your pages and content as you wish. In any of your projects we stay available to assist and advise.

If you do not have the time or do not want to deal directly with your website, we can, of course, manage updates for you. However, you retain the ability to access and administer the site at any time.

Mobile version

More and more users are mobile, if the tablets are capable of displaying websites in their "original" format, the display on smartphones is often so small that it becomes unreadable. We can, during the production of your site, include a mobile version that will adapt to smartphones.

> Learn more about our developments adapted to mobile phones.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At a time when websites are increasing in numbers and search engines are now almost mandatory to find the relevant information, it is important to optimise the SEO of a website.

This was a key point in the development of our CMS, and it involves two distinct but complementary activities: enabling search and indexing websites by search engines.

Optimise search on the site by setting-up unique URLs

Each item displayed on the site has its own URL, so each page, news, product or any other type of object will be referenced independently by search engines and therefore directly accessible by visitors.

Easy indexing with optimised HTML structure

Modules that display the contents of your site are optimized to maintain a simple HTML page structure and optimised for search engines. In addition, we automatically push forward titles and other relevant elements of your pages to make it easier for search engines, to identify.

Easy indexing by optimising your content

Once the SEO is done, we explain to you during our training sessions on the management of the website, how to highlight keywords and optimize your content.

Related services

In addition to developing your website, we can also help you acquire your domain name, manage your mailboxes, create your newsletters or host your site on one of our servers which are reserved exclusively for the operation of clients’ websites.

For your internet projects:

Contact Jean-Baptiste - - +33 (0) 4 93 00 15 31

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