Small design principles in computer graphics ...

Com' advices

Design is not just about creativity ...

It is also the respect of precise rules so that all graphic creations become clear and powerful documents. The graphic designer must play on the positioning of the different elements on the page.

First of all, the harmony ...exemples

The eye needs to find its bearings ... the whole of the document created must form an ensemble that is pleasant to look at but which is also a meaning for the one who runs through it ...


Then the balance ...

For To put forward a structure, a balance between the various graphic elements ...
It can be achieved in different ways:
- The symmetry, which rests on a central axis, around which the objects are positioned, a bit like in a mirror game.
- Asymmetry is not quite the opposite: the central axis is always present, even if the elements on each side of it have different shapes. They are only organized so as not to create too disruptive a contrast.
- And for those who do not like the straight lines, there remains the circularity, which places the elements in a circle, like around a round placed in the middle of the page. This option also allows to highlight a central point, which can be filled by a text message.


Then the hierarchy ...

Crucial to make understand, at a glance, which elements among all those present on the page are the most important.


Also, the proportions ...

All elements of a graphic composition do not necessarily have the same size.
It is also this that will create rhythm on the page, either by going from the biggest to the smallest, or by organizing them rationally to optimize the occupation of space, a bit like a mosaic, or by playing On sizes and white areas to direct the look and make sense of the composition.


And then the emphasis ...

The purpose of design is also to get a message across.
The use of images makes it possible to be more efficient in this field.
One can use a different shape from the others, or by adding a particular color to a specific place, one can also play on sizes and shapes to help the reader focus on a particular point of the composition.
The goal is to attract the eye ... Finally the contrast ... Always in the idea of ​​giving rhythm, ... It is possible by alternating the shadow and the light, that is to say also by clearly helping To distinguish the first and second planes from the graphic.
A variation of the textures and the forms also retains the look ...


These are the principles that the graphic designer must see in mind for his creations in order to bring to his customer a product as communicative as possible.

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