The decor at Amadeus
Last creation / Valbonne

The decor at Amadeus

For the third time, Ideogram Design has achieved a "decoration" operation to Amadeus Sophia Antipolis.

Featured visual, stage-setting and printing on high quality photo paper fifty posters.

Then, a part of the team of Ideogram Design has moved in premises provided by Amadeus to remove the old visual existing frames and replace new.

The technical team of the Amadeus website then gave them up in the hallways and different workspaces. 
A little more to beautify and make it more welcoming environment for employees of Amadeus.

signaletique et mur decotex



 Ideogram Design had already been asked to carry out signage spanneaux but also a large wall (4x8 m) in DECOTEX to dress in the company rest areas.

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